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March 19, 2018 / Irene2468

At the Newberry in June, 2018: St. Petersburg through Pushkin’s The Bronze Horseman and The Queen of Spades

“The Bronze Horseman” Illustration by Kravchenko, 1936

This June at the Newberry we will focus on the interrelation between St. Petersburg and two great works by Alexander Pushkin: the long poem “The Bronze Horseman” and the short novel “The Queen of Spades.” Alexander Pushkin (1799 – 1837) is the most famous Russian poet, and his fiction has had a tremendous impact on the subsequent development of the Russian novel. We will engage in close textual analysis of the two works while exploring the history and geography of Pushkin’s St. Petersburg from the time it was founded in 1703 through the 1830s. The seminar will include presentations and group discussion over the course of four weekly two-hour meetings in June, 2018. We will also have opportunities for additional online exchanges through CANVAS classroom discussions.

Click here for the full course description. As soon as registration information is available, I will post a link.

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