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April 3, 2021 / Irene2468

New and Unique Online Course for Fall of 2021 through Spring of 2022 – Russian History from Peter the Great to the 1910s: St. Petersburg’s Culture, Myth, and Everyday Life

Peter the Great’s Monument on the Senate Square

Vasily Surikov. Peter the Great’s Monument on the Senate Square, 1870. Oil on canvas: 52 × 71 cm. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg


After a brief survey of early Russian history from the emergence of Russian Orthodoxy and Muscovy, this innovative, year-long course will provide an overview of different facets of Russian life and culture across the centuries through the exploration of St. Petersburg, the Russian empire’s political capital and its most populous and developed city.

Conveying everyday life alongside historical events, the course will examine the social and political thought, art, music, chronicles, fiction, essays, documents, maps, newspapers, travelers’ accounts, and personal memoirs that bring to life the distinctive culture of St. Petersburg and the Russian Empire.

For the complete course description and how to apply, click here.