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Russian Language Instruction

Julia Kriventsova Denne and Inga Gurevich teach Russian language classes and work with students one-on-one online. We work with children, teenagers, and adults. As native Russian speakers, we use a grammar-based, culture-based, and communicative approach to Russian with an emphasis on correct pronunciation from the very start.

A number of high-school and middle-school age students take part in the Olympiada of Spoken Russian and the Russian Essay Contest. Students from California, Wisconsin, Virginia, Alaska, Alabama, and other states have participated in these events. All Russian language students receive official transcripts and have built Russian language portfolios. You can see some of our students’ projects here.

If you are interested in beginning to intermediate-level Russian language instruction, please contact Inga here.

For advanced Russian language instruction, please contact Julia here.

We will respond as soon as possible.