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Russian Language Lab

During the school year, my students are encouraged to work on independent projects that include both oratory and written work. Here are some of the projects my students and I have the pleasure of sharing with you.

Stella S. created this animation of «Багаж» (Самуил Маршак). Click here to see it.

Leah A. learned «Вот какой рассеянный» and created her own video to illustrate the poem. Click here to see Leah’s interpretation.

Click here to see Leah A.’s presentation of «Багаж» (Самуил Маршак).

Here is Tessa B.’s interpretation of «Вот какой рассеянный» (Самуил Маршак).

Click here to see Jonah B.’s presentation of «Багаж».

Alice C. performs Отрывок из поэмы Александра Блока “Двенадцать”

Click here to see the video of Elizabeth D. reciting “Вот какой рассеянный” (Самуил Маршак).

Click here to see the video of Morgan E. reciting «Багаж» (Самуил Маршак).

Click here to see Morgan’s interpretation of «Вот какой рассеянный» (Самуил Маршак).

Daniel H’s recitation of Boris Pasternak’s “Снег идет”

Jamison H. performs the beginning of Pushkin’s “Ruslan and Liudmila”.

Celia M. recites Марина Цветаева – “Мне нравится, что Вы больны не мной”

Celia M. interviewed a native Russian speaker for her senior project for 2016-2017. Click here to read Celia’s written summary.

Julia S. and Katherine E. sing “Смуглянка” (from the film “В бой идут одни старики”)

Amelia Parkes performs an excerpt from “Сказка о мертвой царевне и о семи богатырях”

For her senior project for 2016-2017, Amelia Parkes translated THE APPLES OF YOUTH AND THE WATER OF LIFE: A RUSSIAN FAIRY TALE (adapted by Aleksey Tolstoy)

An essay on Tarkovsky’s “Ivan’s Childhood” by Riley Price

Nina Wilson explores Russian proverbs