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Скороговорки и Чистоговорки

Tongue twisters (скороговорки) are fun and helpful for learning the sounds of a language. The tongue twisters in the following recordings have been pronounced more slowly and distinctly than usual to make the sounds easier to hear and repeat. (Hence the word чистоговорки, which combines two Russian words: ‘clear” and “speak’.)

The tongue twisters are written on this page with stressed vowels in bold type, but I suggest that you learn Russian tongue twisters the same way you learned those in your native tongue – listen first, then repeat what you’ve heard.

Although I am not a professionally trained actress or speaker, I invite you to listen to my standard, Russian pronunciation to help you sound more like a native speaker. Enjoy!

Кукушка кукушонку купила капюшон.
Надел кукушонок капюшон.
Как в капюшоне он смешон


От топота копыт пыль по полю лeтит

Мышки сушек насушили,
Мышки мышек пригласили.
Мышки сушки кушать стали
Зубы сразу же сломали.