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September 13, 2013 / Irene2468

And Sometimes Y



In 2011, my dear friend and homeschool mom Leslie Schultz published a novel about the adventures of a profoundly gifted homeschooled girl and her four precocious friends growing up in a small Minnesota college town. The book is called The Howling Vowels and is a fun read. Its sequel, And Sometimes Y, has just been published. It continues the story of the kids, who are now a few years older and turning 13. Besides the introduction of a new mysterious character, the novel also introduces a new author, Julia, my daughter’s best friend, who co-wrote the book with her mom Leslie. Being homeschooled herself, Julia brings forth some great insight. Both books are available at Amazon.

Leslie and Julia are great writers. Leslie was a writer-in-residence at Carleton College and is a published poet as well. This year Leslie has been writing a weekly blog about writing, poetry, homeschooling, photography, living in a small town, and more at

I hope that many of you will enjoy these books as much as we did.